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TeachSA is South Africa’s leading online digital homework and school revision system. At TeachSA, we believe in giving our children the best possible start at life and, the best place to be, for that to happen, is not just inside the classroom – but in front of a computer, learning through our online education management system. In a Digital Age, your child now has the advantage of Blended Learning.  


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Self Paced School Revision 

At TeachSA, we believe in Giving our children the Freedom in Learning, So, we prefer Self-Paced learning for our kids. We should give them the liberty to learn at their own pace. TeachSA is a fully automated experience supplied via an online E-learning Platform. We didn’t follow any particular schedule, but instead allowed children to set their own pace by choosing from the Various topics, course materials, videos and so on,meaning that they can focus on things that they find challenging and breeze past things that they already know. This minimizes wasted time and promotes greater efficiency. Self-directed learning also ensures increased performance, as the learner can manage their education in a way which encourages independent thought and critical thinking. 

Structured School Revision 

The TeachSA learning platform is an education management system that is aligned to the Annual Teaching Plan that is governed by an active electronic calendar. This functionality ensures that students are effectively managed and that they receive the right information at the right time. We are the proud innovators of this one of its kind systems, developed with this functionality for the South African market. Students who are registered on our system are presented with a lesson on a daily basis and an exercise, in the form of a test. These lessons and tests are presented without the student having to search for study material on a daily basis.
All our content is 100% aligned to the South African educational curriculum. All CAPS-aligned learning material is continuously updated by South African content creators who are, themselves, South African teachers. The tailored lessons and exercises ensure that work from the classroom and the study material at home are perfectly in line with one another, and the South African Department of Education teaching plan.

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How It Works?

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Digitized and Arranged

Digitization in education systems uses various techniques like online lessons, online exams, digital textbooks, quizzes, and exercises. TeachSA provides an interactive interface in which the students have access to multimedia content such as videos and interactive presentations. The systematically arranged student’s portal helps them to ensure easy access to all study materials and content.


TeachSA Packages

TeachSA offers various packages that are suited to our unique client base. Our packages include a School Revision Program, Customised Schools Package, Provincial Government Package, a Mock Exams Solution, Home Schooling and a Corporate Partnership Program. The customised school’s package and the Provincial government packages allows for customised branding, content, academic calendars and teacher-student workflows. Home Schooling organisations can also take advantage of our customised options to enhance their school offerings. The customised solutions allows for specific branding, content, academic calendars and teacher to student workflow configuration. Our mock exams package that opens in August of each year is targeted to the matriculants of the year and is aimed at assisting them with their matric exams through digital practice examinations. This package includes all mainstream subjects. Our corporate packages are aimed at corporates seeking to add further value to their existing client base.

School specific calendar

Customized school branding

Teachers have the ability to assess and mark essay type questions

Live scheduled video lessons

School specific content

Customised performance reports

Online interaction between teachers and students


Games Room 

Educational games enhance a player's skills of observation, intuitive abilities, and hone their alertness and concentration. TeachSA is making your kids complete the Daily exercises enthusiastically... In TeachSA, kids will be rewarded for completing today's exercises with the coins. They can use those coins to play fun and interactive games, and set high scores, and you will love seeing their knowledge grow as they play TeachSA games. Ditch the dry lessons and let learning games transform study time into an adventure students will want to go on again and again!

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Performance Reports

Our performance reports is customised for providing users with details of their progress and upcoming deadlines. It allows students and teachers to easily track progress.Teachers can get the detailed summary of each and every student for the whole academic year. These reports and dashboards allow for granular extrapolation of information to the level of district, school, grade, subject and student etc. Reports can be scheduled for auto submission to parents and teachers and other relevant stakeholders through or scheduling system. These reports provide value information enabling teachers and parents to proactively intervene.


Live Lessons 

This feature allows for teachers to plan and schedule live video lessons to their class. Teachers schedule the lesson on the calendar and students automatically receive a notification and reminders to attend the live lesson. during the lesson’s students can engage in live chat with the teachers asking questions and clarifying subject matter.

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Video Lessons 

Our lesson videos are conceptualised by qualified teachers and developed by a team skilled software’s developers and animation specialist. Our videos are intended to remove the monotony of traditionally learning and aimed at keeping the student engaged. Videos are compatible with all the devices so you can enjoy learning anywhere using any of your devices.


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