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Our homeschooling package is designed to assist homeschoolers and parents. The TeachSA system ensures that learners are automatically provided with daily CAPS aligned exercises and lessons. Subject topics, lessons and exercises are auto scheduled using a calendar that is aligned to the Annual Teaching Plans published by the Department of Basic Education.  The lessons and exercises are interactive and are immediately scored allowing the learning to examine his or her performance and redo the exercise, as many times, as required. Practice makes perfect!

The automatic scheduling of the lessons and exercise ensures that learner is focusing on the correct subject topics as aligned to the schooling syllabus removing the frustration of deciding what aspects to study on a day to day basis.

The system automatically generates user friendly reports that allows the learner and the parent to monitor progress and also allows the parent to intervene where necessary.

School specific calendar

Customized school branding

Teachers have the ability to assess and mark essay type questions

Live scheduled video lessons

School specific content

Customised performance reports

Online interaction between teachers and students



Foundation Phase

The foundation phase is the first phase of formal schooling in South Africa. TeachSA offers grades 1 to grades 3 for foundation phase learners. The foundation phase is a very important phase in a learner’s journey through the schooling system. It all begins here!

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Grade 1

At grade one learners are expected to write and share information in various ways. Let your child learn using fun and innovative questions in line with the CAPS syllabus. Your child will be doing exercises that help them to read proficiently and recognize upper- and lowercase letters, matching letters to sounds, making rhymes and recognize some words without having to sound them out, learn and use new words to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly, name the person, place, thing, or idea in a picture, follow the rules of conversation by listening. In our numeracy exercises we aim to promote counting how many objects are in a group and compare it to another group to figure out which is greater or less than the other, recognize that addition means putting two groups together and that subtraction means taking away from one group, add and subtract numbers 1 through 10, use objects or draw pictures to represent and solve simple addition and subtraction word problems.




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